Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This was Christmas at our house

We open the gifts on Christmas eve after church. The kids were majorly excited. I set everything up in the boys bedroom. I had a red ribbon leading from the living room tree to the boys bedroom. That saved my living room from getting trashed! It worked great! Sarah loved her bike. Juergen had to take her out for a ride. It was cold and already dark but that made no different. The wii was also a great hit. I bought it for two reasons. One, Juergen is going to his parents for the rest of the week (his mom is very sick). I wanted something exciting for the kids to do so they don't miss Papa too much. The second reason is the wii is more interactive and less intense then the computer games. Thomas loves playing on the computer, but I find the whole intensity of the PC games too much for him. They make him aggressive. I thought if we got a wii, it would be a positive thing to transition him to. We only have wii sports and a wii brain training game. Computers can be a great blessing and a curse.