Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LWB Face Book Challenge- get off the fence today!

Today is the day we should all give to the LWB Face book challenge. LWB is behind in the number of individual donors. We need many people to step off that fence and give. Even a simple donation of $10 could help LWB secure an additional prize of $50,000. If you watched the documentary THE DYING ROOM you know how awful many Chinese state run Social Welfare Institutions once were. One of the chief catalyst in the transformation of these SWI's is LWB. They provide education, medical care and nutrition for Chinese orphans. They sponsor training for the staff of SWI's. They encourage SWI directors to file the paper work for special needs children placing them for adoption (in the past the directors of orphanages thought no one would want sn kids). LWB has made a world of difference in the lives of thousands . Please sign up for a facebook account, and donate even $10 to LWB. Thank You!