Wednesday, January 9, 2008

LWB won the day!

It was a cliffhanger! With less then 10 minutes until the end of today's challenge LWB was only 2 donors ahead of another organization. I donated again, and I'm sure other people did too. My donation doesn't count in the big $50,000 prize, but it does count towards the daily challenge & $1,000 prize. Today's money goes to the little boy Yang who is waiting for heart surgery. Philip had heart surgery in Thailand when he was an orphan. Some day Yang will not be an orphan, someday God willing he will be the healthy son of a wonderful family. I wish that family could know many people donated money for their sons surgery...many people cared! LWB needs to keep receiving donations over the next few weeks. The face book challenge runs until Feb 1st. LWB's is in the lead for the $50,000 grand prize...but that lead could change very fast. Please, for kids like Yang, and our son Philip...give. Even your $10 gift could mean so much. I'm so grateful Philip is healthy. I'm so glad he lived to drive me crazy. The world would be a sadder place without our mini Jackie Chan!