Thursday, January 17, 2008

Still waiting

This is Monroe Grace who is almost 10 years old. She has been on CHI's waiting list for almost 6 months and she still has not found her family. She is a little cross eyed and was developmentally behind when she was much younger. To be honest with you most orphans are. How could a child thrive in a social intuition? Her profile says she has caught up in every area except math. She has some trouble with math. Of course the Chinese are miles ahead in math, and she is probably pretty good at math compared to American kids her same age. I can see by her photo she is going to need some dental work. Still she has such a bright smile, and a very cute nose in my personal opinion. Her file says she is social and lovely. Please pray she finds her family soon. I would hate to see her file returned...surely someone wants a sweet and lovely girl. A family to let her grow her hair out, a family to treat her like a princess. CHI's office will be closed on Monday but for more information contact CHI at
stefani @ (remove the spaces)