Saturday, January 12, 2008

Waiting girl

I was looking at waiting kids on Rainbow kids site. I saw this cute little 2 years old girl. Her SN is Albinism. I followed the blog of one family (sorry I lost the link) who adopted a girl from China with this SN. I learned a few things. Most kids with Albinism are highly intelligent. They have often poor eye sight. They need to be careful about the sun. I guess apart from that they are pretty healthy wonderful kids. She looks like a real cute kid! The description of her reads... "This gentle little girl was born on 01/22/2006. She is an active child and likes to play with dolls. She walks around on her own and babbles often. She has albinism. Her development is appropriate for her age." She is with Children's Home Society (One of the oldest most respected adoption agencies in America).