Saturday, February 23, 2008

I read this on a yahoo group

One week left to find family for these 5 different children age 3 to
5 1/2 and a boy 13 1/2

We have been instructed to send these five children's files back in a
week. We do not know what will happen next for these children. We do
not know if they will get another chance to be adopted. We do not
know if they will be advocated for in a different manner.

Families do not need to have a completed homestudy to express
interest. A wonderful donor has paid for their application, adoption,
and post placement fees.
There is also a $4500 no-interest loan and
you may be eligible for a more than $10,000 in adoption tax credit.

Please contact WACAP 1-800-732-1887. WACAP is a
non-profit adoption agency.

Please ask for their photos and medical information.

Girl age 3 ½,. X is a happy toddler with good mobility and great
curiosity. Her special needs are a malformation of her left arm and
facial palsy. She enjoys playing with toys and exploring her world.
Call the Family Finders team for pictures and a medical description
of this gentle and sweet little girl today! Adoption fees paid for by
a donor . Reference number XF.0804.2360.01

Boy age 4, with a joyful disposition and a playful demeanor, delights
in a good game of hide-and-seek. This little boy is an active toddler
with a cleft palate, a repaired cleft lip and another sensitive
special need that will be disclosed upon request. Call the Family
Finders team today to learn more about this little boy who needs a
family. Reference XY.0104.2361.01

Boy, age 5 1/2, Merry and engaging, M. is a young boy with a cleft
lip and palate, both surgically repaired. He expresses his ideas well
and smiles when teased. His favorite foods are milk and meat. He is a
good-spirited and animated little charmer, ready for a family of his
own. Reference ML.1002.2421.01

Boy, age 5, Expressive and polite, X is a smart, lively and unique
little boy. His cleft lip and palate have both been repaired, and he
has alternating upper strabismus in both eyes. He is competent with
self-care tasks, has a good memory, and is eager to learn. He loves
being read to, singing, and writing characters. He gets along well
with other children and is a good helper. X. has all the makings of
an ideal son. All he needs is a family! Reference XY.0303.1456.01

Boy age 13 ½, is a delightful and polite boy. He does well in
school, likes all his subjects, but he absolutely loves art. L is
post surgical for his cleft lip and cleft palate. The arch on his
left foot is mildly deformed, but this doesn't affect his mobility.
This delightful little boy needs a family who can show him all the
wonders of the world—most importantly, what it is to be a part of a
loving family. Reference number LQ.1094.2188.01

These adoptions are pretty much free...FREE!!!

Kids can not be adopted after the age of 13 years in China so this is the 13 year olds last chance to find a family. Please pray for him! There must be someone who wants a boy who is good at art and likes school.