Friday, February 29, 2008

Last day to find a family

This is Monroe Grace on CHI's list. She has been on the list twice. Her file goes back Monday. I actually think today is her last day to find a family. She was born in 1998 (that makes her 10 years old this year). They put on her record she had autism symptoms...but she was only 2 weeks old at the time! I've read her file. I see nothing that points to autism. my oldest daughter Jessica has autism. Monroe Grace does not!!! I'm sure that wrong bit of information is the main reason she has no family now. They say she is very social now. She is an actress in plays. She helps the nannies with the little kids. She is a lovely and healthy girl. Her only SN is crossed eyes. She loves pretty things, but has none. She does well in every thing but math. They have a $2000 grant available to adopt her(now $6000). It isn't much, but it could help. Please pray for a last minute miracle for this lovely 10 year old. The Bible says God places orphans in families. Every child needs parents. I can tell you honestly that Thomas (adopted at age 7) is my most needy child. He is wonderfully gifted but has very little self worth. He waited so long for parents. It is a big task to teach him he has worth. He is learning...but it is a long road. Imagine never learning this lesson. Imagine facing this world without belonging anywhere. Imagine not having people who fought for you, corrected you, spoiled and celebrated you. No birthday gifts, no allowance, no vacations, no one who cared so much it hurt! Sometimes adoption is all about what we need as a family...or want as a family. Other times it is more. It is seeing the gifts and resources God has placed in our hands. It is seeing their need, and just knowing we have what it takes to meet that need. But don't believe it's all giving. They give you more then you'll ever be able to know. They surprise you. Please pray for a miracle for this beautiful girl. She deserves a family, nothing less.
The one photo is something a CHI mom made to help picture Monroe Grace with hair and not the orphan cut! She is really a cute girl. She has very cute dimples and a sweet nose.

for more information contact CHI at
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or in the US call 435-867-5255.