Wednesday, February 20, 2008

US Adoption

I was reading about adoption in the USA (domestic adoption). I of course live in Germany, so it would be international adoption for us. There are many beautiful kids available for adoption. I found this really cute brother and sister in Washington State that need a special family. They had loving parents that are over 60 years old, and just could not meet their needs. The girl is 6 years old and normal and healthy. She has a 3 year old brother who has autism. My oldest daughter Jessica has autism. The bond between these siblings reminds me of Jessica and Nicole. There are many new treatments available for kids with autism. He is young and already receiving intervention. He would really benefit from some strong biomedical help and a good diet. I'm sure there must be a special family out there for these two kids. They were never neglected or abused. Their biological parents just felt they were in over their heads. The biological parents would be honored to be grandparents to the kids. You don't need to go to Africa or Asia to find children who need a good home. Here are two beautiful children who want parents today. They will receive much state assistance to help meet their needs. I bet they would be a real blessing to their family!!!