Sunday, March 2, 2008

Disrupted Chinese adoption

There is a 4 year old boy that came home from China 6 months ago. He has ADHD and attachment issues that are serious enough that the family that adopted him feel they can not keep him. He is a smart boy. He already speaks English after only 6 months home. His family is looking for a new family for him. This would be a US domestic adoption. The fees would be very low. Singles could also adopt this boy. I have the e-mail contact if you think you may be interested or even qualified. He needs a family that can handle him. This child has been diagnosed with sensory
issues, ADHD, and Reactive attachment disorder. I think someone who has already dealt with ADHD and or attachment issues would be most qualified. Sorry I have no photos. Send me a mail (my e-mail is on the side bar) and I'll tell you how to contact the family.

Update: The family has gotten so many replies in the past 24 hours. They want to look at what they have, and ask that no one else reply. I sent the contact information to two families. You should e-mail your reply right away if you are interested.