Thursday, March 13, 2008

He has my heart!

This is Travis, a waiting two year old who is needing to find his family. Isn't he the cutest little boy! I wish, I wish, I wish!!! Any way his SN is Alpha Thalassemia. There are different forms of this illness. It's not so clear how badly he has it. The best case is he will live a long normal life, and just be a little anemic. The worst case is he will need regular red blood cell transfusions, and a daily medication to help his body get rid of the extra iron he builds up. Either way, his need is pretty manageable. He has a good chance at a very healthy, "normal" life. He is a very healthy, happy, intelligent boy. He also has a grant for $8000 to help cover his adoption expenses. Now he just needs a family. I am pretty sure if you look in the dictionary under cute, you will see a picture of Travis!

for more information contact CHI at
stefani @ (remove the spaces)
or in the US call 435-867-5255.