Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do you know a family for this smart girl

Kandi in California wrote a post on a yahoo group about a girl in China who needs a family. Her SN was spina bifida. She is 7 years old. In every way she is normal and healthy except she walks with difficulty. I guess she has an American foster mother. She speaks Chinese, but can understand English. The director of the orphanage has not submitted her papers for adoption because he does not think anyone would be interested in adopting her. If however someone shows an interest in this girl, they would submit her paper work.
Here are some questions asked about Miao Miao and the answers her foster mother gave:
Is she in foster care with you? Yes
Is she on target mentally/developmentally? Yes, but she has not been
to school.
Did her spina bifida affect her ability to use the toilet on her own?
No she can take care of her own toilet needs.
Does she speak any English (since being with you)? She understands
everything and speaks some.
Does she speak Chinese well? Very well, she's my spy and manager,
tells me everything, and probably tells the other nannies all about
Would you say that she is normal other than her mobility? Definitely.

If you are interested in this girl, contact me by e-mail and I will give you the contact.
You can e-mail us at our Yahoo address.amy_heymann @ yahoo. de (remove the spaces)