Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sarah and Oma

When I told the kids yesterday that Oma had died I could not keep myself from crying. This really scared Sarah. I stopped myself from crying. To be honest, I have not really cried (yet). I'm a single mom right now. Juergen is in North Germany helping his dad make arrangements for the funeral. I am on the one hand relived that Waltraud has died. She has suffered for months. It was very hard seeing her deteriorate in the past months. I know she is much better off now. But the loss is real. I am sure it will hit me. Sarah thought her grandma was dead. She put herself in bed and began to weep. She only met her Oma once. Grandma was with her in China, and we visited her in America. She loves her Grandma. I had to phone my mom and have her talk with Sarah to reassure her. Oma is the German word for Grandma. It was confusing for Sarah. Thank you for your prayers. We will get through this. I'm sure I will cry, it is not healthy to hold it in. I just don't feel like I can do much crying with Sarah around.

It's sad Sarah never knew her Oma, she was a wonderful women.