Wednesday, March 26, 2008

waiting girl

There is a beautiful healthy girl waiting on a "shared" waiting list . She was born in July of 1995. That makes her almost 13 years old. That's the cut off point for being adopted in China. I thought I would point this adorable child out, maybe some of you don't want to raise another baby. I was at the funeral of Juergen's mom yesterday. After the funeral, different people stood up and said a few words of thanks for the life of Waltaud. Two of the people that gave thanks were Juergen's foster sisters. One was adopted into the family when she was 18, the other when she was 20. Now, 25+ years later they told what it meant to them just to belong to a family. It is a need we all have. It is perhaps a need some of you reading this can fulfill. Anyway, I thought this girl (I won't use her name because I don't want to get into trouble) was a beautiful girl. I hope she finds her family soon. She is on the list of FTIA, but other lists too. You will need to apply for a password.