Monday, April 21, 2008

4 years home

4 Years ago we met Thomas (almost 7 years old) in Bangkok, Thailand. He was small and his hair was very thin from under nutrition. They actually feed the kids pretty well in Thailand. Thomas has a digestive disorder, and an intolerance to milk that wasn't treated. He was a spoiled baby. He still wore a diaper because of his digestive disorder. He would get almost anything he wanted if he had a fit. They called him the gangster. Oh boy! Not easy, and not always fun! But he needed a family. He needed a family bad! He needed good food, medical care, and rules. He was happy to get a daddy, but not so happy to get me. I made him tie his own shoes. Today I drove him to Toys R Us to buy Lego. I didn't give him the money, he earned it(he had 13 Euro to spend). I even stayed in the car because Sarah had fallen asleep. Thomas and Philip went into the store alone to buy the Lego. He was a bit nervous, but I knew he can count change. He did just fine. Just 4 years ago this baby still in diapers had never done a thing for himself. Today he can speak German, and some English (he understands English very well and can even read English). He is in a normal 3rd grade class. He is pulling his D's to C's this semester. In time I bet he will even bring home A's and B's. He has really come along way. He is more and more our son. It takes time for the older kids to feel at home, but it does happen.