Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do they get enough exercise?

My friend Kristy asked me if kids in orphanages get enough exercise. Sarah did not get out much. She spent a whole lot of time inside. Her coordination was not very good when she came home. Today she can ride a bike, and roller skate. She is amazing! I know conditions in orphanages vary. Philip and Thomas came from the same orphanage in Bangkok. They practically lived outside. The playground equipment was not very nice.It was not nice because it was worn out! I have a video of Thomas riding a bike (with out training wheels). The bike didn't have a seat either. He could zip around the compound like anything on that bike. Both boys are very coordinated. I know in China allot of the out side playground equipment is just for show. Kids rarely get to play on it. Sarah does know how to dance and march. She did do that in her SWI. She marches just like a soldier...if fact they train the kids early to be soldiers for the State. Over all I would say Chinese kids are healthier then most American kids. Too many American kids spend too much time in front of TVs and computers.