Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Less food means more orphans

There is a shortage of food in the world. A large part of this is caused by the increase of meat eaten in China and India. Grain is fed to animals and then we eat the animals. What can be done? I'm trying to eat less meat. I am cooking more tofu, eating more nuts, taking chlorella (a green alga that is very high in protein) and cooking Quinoa (a grain that is like rice but also high in protein)and eating more beans. Americans have eaten too much food for years. We all should go on a diet not just to lose weight but to consume less of the resources in the world. I write more about the benefits of eating the above foods, and how to cook them on my diet food blog. I'm also going to read Diet for a small planet. I read this book in College. It is basically going to encourage you to become a vegetarian. I'm not encouraging you to stop eating all meat. What you might want to do is just cut back on the amount of meat you eat. It will be better for your health, and better for the world. Why? It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat. This is not even touching the amount of water animals need to drink (there is a very large water shortage in this world) and farm animals also produce a large amount of waste that is bad for the environment. We will never feed the entire world on an average American diet. Also this diet is making us all fat! It's a win win to cut back on meat! One last thing to really think about. Poverty forces people to abandon their children. Desperate poverty drives people to sell their children as prostitutes. Poverty forces people to take their kids out of school and make them work in factories and mines. The increasing consumption of meat is driving up the price of grain. When a family must spend 90 % of their income on food and the price of rice doubles it pushes them over the edge. If you really care about the poor you should consider cutting back on meat.

The video is how to make black bean soup. I would serve it with rice or Quinoa for a perfect protein meatless meal.