Wednesday, April 2, 2008


If you are even considering looking for your child on the Shared Agency list. You should do the following:

o Be connected to a doctor of your choice who can quickly review a child’s referral information. Have a back up doctor just in case.
o Do not make a decision about the child without talking to a doctor.
o Research different medical conditions commonly seen for the children on the list.
o Begin your dossier and home study process. You should have started your home study by the time you locate your child, unless you have already worked with an agency that can move quickly. Your completed dossier will need to be submitted to CCAA within either three or six months. For most areas of the United States three months is not long enough to be receive approval ( I171H) by your USCIS office.
o Consider finances carefully as this adoption program moves quickly.
o Have your family summary, family picture and passport pictures ready to send.