Friday, April 18, 2008

viewing waiting kids

I read these new restrictions today.

"... keeping children's privacy at the forefront, we have asked that
> adoption organizations undertake certain information protection and
> encryption actions when publishing information via the web". "...
> children's names, provinces where located, and the name of the social
> welfare institution should never be disclosed." Photos of children
> cannot be listed on the website. Information about the children listed
> cannot be copied, transferred or reproduced in any format.

Also agency's will not be allowed to send information about waiting kids to people who are not registered with that agency. This is good for the privacy of the children, but it makes it very hard for us to advocate for these kids. You're basically not going to see any photos of waiting kids on my web site and very little information ...maybe the bare bones basics if I can still get any information. I can not tell you how many people have written me to say, you wrote about this child or that, and we went and took a look and found our child. I respect privacy, but I also want to help these kids find homes. Sometimes it just takes the awareness that this or that child is waiting. They are waiting...some are looking..then you find each other. I will continue to do what I can without breaking any rules. I wish every child had a family!