Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All hands on deck

This morning I was watching Reinhard Bonnke speak at a conference on God TV. He was talking about his evangelism video series "Full Flame". Juergen was with Bonnke in Africa for a week a few years ago. Bonnke showed Juergen clips from this series before it was released. The man has amazing passion. He uses his whole self to reach a lost world. In one of the videos (I wish I could show it to you) there are two ships. One ship goes down, and the other ship is signaled to rescue the sinking ship. The ship that is suppose to rescue the sinking ship is full of very "fine" people. They mostly refuse to go out into the rain and help. So 6 crew members go to man only 3 life boats. It is not enough. One passionate crew member jumps into the ruff sea to try to rescue a girl that is about to drown. It made me think about what I would be willing to die for. Is there anything or anyone you would dive into a ruff sea for? I see orphans all over the world going down. They have know one to feed them, give them a good home environment, an education, or love. Millions of children at risk of being exploited. We have a mandate from God to care for the fatherless. Most of us have children that have too many toys, and too much food (our kids are fat). Our children are overly entertained. Our hands are clean...and to be honest we are all a little too "fine". The world is sinking, the call is there. Who will dive into the ruff sea? Some times it really gets to me. I see the need ( and the children of this world are so wonderful and so worth helpping) and I hear the call "All hands on deck"...but so few people are willing to go meet the need. I realise adoption is not right for everyone ( my children are a gift to me...not a missions prodject). What are you willing to give "all" for? The world really is sinking and the needs are overwhelming. We can not "play church".

"The church of our Lord Jesus Christ is not a pleasure boat, but a life boat for saving souls...and every hand is needed on deck".
- Reinhard Bonnke