Saturday, May 3, 2008

I wish I could adopt with WACAP

I just read this about WACAP SN China program...
encouraging families, who are interested in adopting a waiting child
from China to apply to WACAP, complete the home study and collect
dossier documents right away. This will allow families to move
forward quickly as China posts children in need of adoption.
At WACAP we are regularly visiting the CCAA Web site to see what
waiting children are posted, so families should contact the Family
Finders Program and speak to a Waiting Child Case Manager to see
which Chinese waiting children are available. Once you have an
approved home study and supporting documents, WACAP can match you with
a child from China.

To encourage the adoption of children in China, WACAP has funds
available to cover the entire adoption fee for a family who adopts
children with the following special needs as identified by WACAP:
*A boy 5 years or older at time of referral -OR -
*A girl 10 years or older at time of referral- OR-
*A child who is blind and/or deaf -OR-
*A child with a significant neurological condition such as
hydrocephalus or spina bifida; dwarfism, arthrogyrposis, or
significant cerebral palsy.
To help find families for children with other types of special needs
who are waiting in China, WACAP has reduced the adoption fees to
$5,000 for a family who adopts (identified by WACAP):
*A boy 3-4 years of age at time of referral (with special needs) -OR-
*A girl 7-9 years of age at time of referral (with special needs) -OR-
*A child with a condition such as missing/shortened limbs,
reproductive/urologic condition, albinism, significant craniofacial
condition, or significant congenital heart disease requiring surgery.

If you adopt an older healthy boy or girl (age 5-10) they will pay for the adoption! You can not beat that!!! They don't allow non US military citizens living abroad to adopt with their agency. KILLER!!! Maybe I can get Juergen to move to America for a year? It could save us $18,000 on our next adoption! Well, there is that small problem of getting him to say yes to the next adoption too! Juergen, are you reading my blog??? WACAP has reduced fees or total grants for their Ethiopian program too.