Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm Pro China!

I do not agree with all the policies of the Chinese government but I love the Chinese people. Philip is a Thai born Chinese, and Sarah is Chinese. I can not be neutral on the worlds attacks on China...I am pro-China! A line of world leaders and "stars" are lining up calling for the boycott of the Olympics. The Olympics do not belong to the government of China, they belong to the people of this great nation. I will not be silent! I applaud the women who brought the Olympic torch to the top of Mt Everest today! I applaud the effort and thought that went into this amazing act! I applaud China's growth, and steady transformation. It makes mistakes, but it deals with such large problems. So many mouths to feed, educate, employ. Do you think we would do it half as well? I think the West is throwing sticks at a lion! The angry protests will never yield the results it is seeking. It is foolishness! We should continue to bring prosperity to China, the people of China will force the changes we all hope for over time. It can not be forced from the outside...that only closes China up more. If China feels the world is against it, it will become very nationalistic. Do we really want an "Us" against "Them" kind of thing? As far as I'm concerned China has a smile. It sat down with me and eat cereal with blueberry yogurt for breakfast. China gave me Philip and is a great people!