Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day a million miles from yesterday

I remember last Mother's day. I woke up and walked past Sarah's little bed (she was still sleeping in my bedroom). She saw me and screamed for Papa. I said to myself "happy mothers day"!!! I taught Sunday school last year on Mother's day. We made gifts for every ones moms. Nicole made a gift too, but decided to give it to a friend. The only one who said happy mother's day to me (I have 5 kids) was Jessica. She wrote something nice for me at school. All the others, even Juergen forgot. The stress Sarah caused was pretty intense. After church I just went to my bedroom and cried. Today it was so different. Thank God it was so very different! I was able to sleep in. Then Juergen came and wished me happy Mother's day and called me to breakfast. All the kids had a gift. Philip wrote me a card that made me cry (he is academically challenged). It was so much better then those dark days. I want to encourage you. If you don't like the valley you are in...keep on walking. Eventually the scenery will change if you just keep walking! Happy Mothers day!