Monday, May 5, 2008

On Philip's gotcha day

My on line friend Amy is going to get her 18 month old daughter Lexi in just 2 weeks. It is a crazy rush of packing and making arrangements for the other kids who will be staying home. We are having a Virtual Baby Shower for Amy and Lexi. It's being hosted by Jodi Sue. The first shower game is to share about your gotcha day. I actually have 3. Philip was only 2 when we got him. He was in an orphanage in Bangkok. We came to meet him, and were able to visit him a few days before we actually took him with us. He cried when he met us. The poor boy was so afraid. The social worker was very "pushy". She wanted Philip to hug us and kiss us right away. He could not even look at us. He was just so afraid. I sat at a table with him. Some other kids were playing blocks. They were stacking blocks. I started to stack blocks too. Philip did the same. Then I made my blocks fall. Then I said..."Ah Oh"! Then I laughed. Philip knocked his blocks down too. We both laughed. You could see him begin to relax. We brought bubbles to blow. There were 50 kids in the playground. They all wanted to play. They especially wanted to be near Juergen. This is when Philip began holding on to Juergen. It was now "My daddy"! 3 days later Philip proudly walked out of that orphanage. He looked like he won the lottery. In a way, I guess he did!