Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you ever spank your child?

I actually had to spank Sarah today. I'm not one to spank my kids much. I've got 5 kids and have spanked each of them 1 to 4 times total. I try to save a spanking for when they are about to do something dangerous. Philip was playing with Sarah in the cultisack across the street. They were riding bikes. I was in the house watching Thomas finish his homework. Homework has been a real battle lately. Any way, Philip wants to come in. Sarah wants to stay. I don't allow her to play alone on the street. It's such a sad world when a 5 year old can not play alone on the street in front of her house. Sorry, but it is a sad world. Philip took her bike in. She screamed. I stepped in. She said she was going for a walk alone. I said no, come in the house. She took off alone. I picked my defiant girl up, carried her into the house, told her I was going to spank her, swatted her thigh (only once and not hard) and sent her to her room. She screamed and cried from anger for about 5 minutes. Then she was able to come down stairs to talk. I told her why she could not go off by herself, and that she should tell mommy sorry for not listening. She said sorry. We are good friends. What is more, she respects me more and somehow seems happier and safer. Thomas was watching the whole thing. He was also more respectful towards me. I think he thinks Sarah gets away with everything, and he is the only one that gets into trouble. Kids just want things to be fair. I hardly ever spank my kids, and never hard, or in anger. How about you? Do you think you can reason with them all the time? Sarah is not the most rational creature.