Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My garden help

I bought 2 wooden sandboxes on e-bay to use as raised beds in my small garden. The soil in my garden is mostly clay and gets way to hard for vegetables to do well in. I will pay the money and make the effort one day to put in really nice stone raised beds. For now, the wooden beds should do fine. Sarah and Philip helped me paint them yellow. We just used a paint I already had. It isn't waterproof. I'm going to need to find a nontoxic varnish to finish the kids paint job. I think I will get them to paint their hands in contrasting colors first. It should be cute. I will put down some row covering to keep out the weeds and hold the good soil in the boxes. Then I'll add very good potting soil and loads of vegetable plants. We will have zucchini, bell pepper, salad, strawberries and some sunflowers(and more). We already have a dozen tomato's growing in the greenhouse. Juergen is also going to take down the swing set. It is falling apart and the kids don't really use it anymore. I think he plans to cut the wood up and build one more raised bed. Growing food can be your families small part to help with the world food crisis.

BTW; Nicole put the wooden sandboxes together as practice for building a house in Mexico. Philip and Sarah used the paint brushes we gave away at Heidelpraise (a worship concert).Nicole received part of the offering at Heidelpraise towards building materials for the house in Mexico. She handed out paint brushes with the words God save Mexico printed on them (in Spanish). We leave for Mexico in 6 weeks. There is still time for you to help us build a house for a poor family in Mexico. Just click on the pay pal chip in. Sorry, the instructions are in German. It isn't hard to figure out. 100% of what you give will go towards building materials. Nicole worked for two years to earn the money for her trip. I am traveling on the kind donation of my good husband! Your money will pay for wood, and nails for a family that now lives on dirt floors. Often there will be as many as 12 people living in the small houses Nicole's team will be building (100 kids will be building 10 homes). The houses are not fancy but they are so much nicer then what these families now live in. Please consider giving if you feel lead to. I realize there are so many needs. Ours is just one.