Monday, July 14, 2008

Documents needed in order to complete an international

If you are thinking about adopting here is the paper you are going to need...

Home Study
Birth Certificates, 2 certified copies
Marriage Certificate, 3 certified copies
Financial Statement . This is usually a one page typed list of your financial holdings, 3 copies notarized.
Employer's Letter. This should be on your employer's letter head. He/She should simply state what your position is, how much you make, how long you have been employed. If you are self-employed your accountant will need to write this up on his stationary, 2 or 3 copies notarized.
Medical Letters . Your social worker doing your home study will want this also, so get 2 copies. This form will be provided to you by your agency, and it must be notarized.
Police Reports . You are going to need some sort of statement from the police saying you are not a criminal.
Divorce Decree. 3 copies
(for Americans)Approval Notice from INS. You must apply with USCIS(formerly know as the INS) to bring a child into this country that you have adopted. Call 1-800-870-3676 and request form I 600-A . Tell them you need fingerprint cards with the form, 2 sets for each person. OR, you can easily download the form from the INS website:

You can get important records Here if you are in the USA.