Thursday, July 17, 2008

How can I leave my baby?

This morning Sarah broke down at kindergarten crying. I picked her up and held her for 10 minutes. Her teacher did not understand what was happening. I leave in 4 days. I can hardly believe it's just 4 days until I travel to America. I've got suitcases in my bedroom. Sarah saw the suitcases just before kindergarten. I think she is starting to get anxious. I finally was able to get her to calm down and stay with her teacher. It will break my heart to kiss her goodbye on Monday. I know Juergen will be able to manage it, but I'm going to miss all my kids when I'm gone. I will never understand what it took for her birth mother to place her on a stone bench and walk away. I'm sure the poor women felt she had zero choice. I can not tell you how deeply I love her. Even missing 2 weeks of her childhood is difficult. I will be very sad the days in America will be too short. The time with my family entirely too short. The only thing I will not regret will be returning home to the warm arms of Juergen and the kids. I love my man...and I love my kids!!!