Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maybe this is your answer?

I read this on a web group about WACAP...

GOOD NEWS! We are encouraged by recent shifts in China's
requirements for families who hope to adopt children from the list of
available waiting children.

We can now request a pre-approval process for most of the children we
advocate for, even if your family's dossier process isn't
complete. These are children who have special medical needs or are

1. If you don't see the child you hope for on our secure
website, we will search for the child for you on the full cross
referred list of available children.

So if you have just gotten started with your paperwork, you maybe able to ask for a PA for a waiting child, or even tell WACAP I want a child that is this age, with this kind of SN, a boy or a girl and they will look for a match for you and request a PA (pre aproval to adopt).
Here is the address to WACAP.

If you have begun your home study process, they can make a special request to submit pre-approval documents. Once you are pre-approved, China sets a limited time for you to complete the dossier (often as little as three months).

WACAP has very good grants that often cover all (100%) of the adoption fees. They do not work with non military Americans living in Germany (I have checked). If you want to adopt a special needs Chinese child and you have begun your home study, check with WACAP. They may be able to help you find your child, and even help you pay for most of your adoption.