Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Slowly back

We got back yesterday from our 2 weeks in America & Mexico. I will be slowly blogging about the trip on our family site. Sarah came with Papa to the airport in Frankfurt to pick us up. It felt so sweet to hold my little girl once again. Juergen is back at work again so I had to get up at 8:30 am (that is 11:30 pm California/Oregon time). I'm so tired, but I will get over the jet lag very fast! I have to get over the jet lag fast!!! I helped Sarah clean her room today. Nicole is puzzling with her. Juergen took all her "baby toys" out of her room. He also took the ropes down from the stairs (they were there to help Sarah hold on to the rail when she was smaller). Juergen said we will not be adopting anyone younger then Sarah. I said, anyone? Does that mean we can still consider adopting a child older then Sarah? I feel like he left that door wide open!!! I still think Sarah needs a sister to share her room!