Wednesday, August 27, 2008

what a night

It's almost 10pm and the kids are safe in bed. My heart is still racing. Sarah gave us a real scare. About 8 pm she was playing with the boys in the garden. They came in the house. 5 minutes later I hear Philip saying Sarah is gone (missing). We all look everywhere. I try to stay calm thinking she just fell asleep in a corner or something like that. We keep looking, but no Sarah. The kids get on their bikes and start looking around the neighborhood. They ask everyone if they have seen her. Many of our wonderful neighbors get really worried. Finally I call the police. I also called Juergen several times. He was at the movie Bat Man with a friend from work. I only got his answering machine. About 9pm I'm standing on the sidewalk in front of my house. I'm waiting for the police. I'm talking to a neighbor and trying to get a story from Philip and Thomas. Where was she last? My knees are about to give out. My hands feel like they are going to start shaking. I'm praying. I ask Nicole to check the house again. 10 minutes later she finds Sarah. Sarah was under the stairs sleeping. Oh thank God!!! Thank you God!!!