Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The pain of the children

Over 7 years ago Juergen and I were in Bangkok, Thailand to adopt Philip. All across the city you could see huge building projects that had been abandoned because of the Asian financial crises. And in the orphanage were 100’s of new children who had been abandoned because of the sharp down turn in the economy. The financial crisis in America will bring with it terrible consequences for families in the US. It effects my own parent’s retirement. Eventually it could affect my family because Germany relies heavily upon export. But when I see the US economy going down I remember those empty buildings in Bangkok. I remember the faces of those children that will never know the love of their biological families because of the lack of money to feed them. The world already faces a huge food crisis that has caused the orphan population to explode this year. Parents are abandoning children that are older, even teenagers that they simply can not feed. They say when the American stock market sneezes the world’s stock market catches a cold. Today my heart hurts for all the Americans that are living with uncertainty about tomorrow. But my heart hurts even more for the world’s children that will lose everything because they rely upon US dollars flowing into their countries. I encourage everyone to contact their Congress person to pass some sort of bail out. It is the difference between a short recession and a world wide painful depression. Please tell them to stop playing the blame game. The Democrats could have passed this alone because they are in the majority. No one wanted to do this. It was unpopular period! Stop playing politics and do what needs to be done. Jobs depend upon it, and so do the lives of millions of children across the world that already live on the edge of poverty.

HERE is a link to Write Your Representative