Saturday, September 20, 2008

Perfect waiting boy

I read this on Rainbow Kids site about a healthy Asian boy who is listed with Children's Home Society. You have to be married and under the age of 44 (that rules me out). I don't know what country he is from but he sure is cute!!! I'm guessing Taiwan, I think I can not post his photo but take my word, he is cute! Just contact them if you are "paper ready" and ready to adopt a smart and healthy 4 year old boy who has the special need of just being "older" (silly isn't it...4 is old). Here is what they wrote about him...

108-24 This handsome boy was born on 6/2004. He likes to eat fruit. He can count up to ten. He can recite the alphabet. He is a curious little boy and has many questions. He likes it when his foster mother reads to him. He has a great imagination and sense of humor. This lovely little guy has no known medical needs and waits because of his age. Please contact us only if you are paper ready.

He sounds perfect to me!!!