Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy 10TH Birthday to Philip

Philip was found in a market place in central Thailand when he was a baby. He wasn't a newborn, so he was given a birth date of January 1, 1998. Thomas was found as a newborn, and so was Sarah. Their birth dates are probably correct. Poor Philip doesn't even have a day he can call his own. Why did we choose this date? It's a pretty long story. Before we adopted Philip and even before we told my family we were going to adopt Philip my mom had a dream. In this dream that I guess was very powerful, my mom dreamt that my next child came on October 17TH. The day we told her we would adopt Philip she asked how soon we would get him? Would we get him by October? We said we did not know how long it would take and asked her why October? So she told us about her dream. There are reasons we believe Philip was born between September and November of 1998. So long story short, Philip has a birthday given in a dream. I can tell Nicole all sorts of cool details of the day she was born. What I ate, how I felt, who was there. I have nearly nothing to tell Thomas and Sarah. But for Philip I do have a story of a dream his grandmother had. I also have a story of the adoption process and the day we met. It is what I have that is his.

The photo was taken by Philip with his new digital camera. The mustache was from hot chocolate.