Sunday, October 5, 2008

The missing voices

America is fighting many wars. There is the war in Iraq, and the one in Afghanistan. But since 1973 we have also been fighting another war. In this war the casualties never where allowed to breathe their first breath. This is a battle between a mother’s right to choose and a baby’s right to live. I am not planning on getting political on my adoption blog. If you read my family blog you know I am very political there. But I urge you to consider voting for John McCain. He has always voted on the side of life. The next President will nominate the next Supreme Court Judge that will swing the vote on abortion. 40 Million Babies have already died. Even if Roe V Wade is over turned abortions will still continue. The States will decide if abortion will be allowed. Still America could now make a strong stand on the side of life. We could make a strong statement that we will now support single mothers, offer child care and promote adoption. We need to be a culture that values every single life!!! I'm praying we can win this war. Your vote does matter. I know that this is not the only issue. But we should consider the voice of the unborn. This is a very important time to vote.