Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please consider life

When I was a student at Oregon State University many long years ago I had to give speeches on controversial topics. I chose to speak out agents’ abortion. It was at this time I became a strong supporter of life. I have deeply ingrained in my heart the understanding that all life has worth. I also knew that not every woman that found themselves pregnant was in the position to raise a child. So I also became a strong advocate for adoption. I'm forever grateful that the birth mothers of Thomas, Philip, and Sarah also chose life. I know I said I would not get all political on my adoption blog. Like so many of the politicians, I lied. This one issue is so close to me that it compels me again to ask you to please vote for life on November 4TH. There are about 6,000 abortions performed each and every day in America. What a tragedy. Thousands of people, no millions (40 million so far) that will never bless the world because we were never strong enough to say enough is enough! I realize there are many important reasons to choose one person above another. If you really are not sure what way to go, please decide to go for life. Abortion in America is as much a moral issue as slavery was. The unborn children need an advocate. Please consider being that advocate. Your vote and mine could help us turn the corner, and a generation of exceptional people would be given the right to live!