Friday, November 14, 2008

Boys learn to give if you teach them...but they need you to teach them!

I took Philip and Thomas with me to buy the last minute stuff for our shoebox gifts. Philip wanted all sorts of stuff for himself, but Thomas finally understands these boxes are for other kids. We do this every year. It is one small way to teach your kids how to give. Tomorrow is the last day to hand boxes in in Germany. The USA and many other countries have their own deadlines. Check the website below for details. I want everyone to know boys are great! Adopt a boy! I saw Great Wall of Chinas waiting kids list. They have girls with some pretty serious special needs, and lots of boys that are healthy...just boys! If you want a healthy child and you don't want to stand in line for years, adopt a boy! AAI has the cutest healthy waiting boys. Here are some photo's of my boys. Boy's need moms and dads too!

In Germany check the Web site for details! They also list locations in other cities around Germany. If you are in another country you can check this site for details on how you can help give a box of Christmas joy to a poor child in need. Please make it an annual tradition. It may seem like a small thing, but it is the only gift many of these kids will ever receive. It's not hard to bless a child. Do it today!!!