Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fish School

Yesterday 2 of our fishes died. We have these big sucker fish. They like to eat the leaves on the plants. The extra plant material clogs up the water filter and the oxygen level goes down. That's what happened yesterday. The largest fish need more oxygen. They where effected first. Two larger fish died. I cleaned the water, and Nicole cleaned out the filter. This morning the other fish were dancing through the water. It's amazing what a positive change in environment can do. It's a lesson that applies to all life. If you take a child out of an orphanage and get them into a positive environment it makes a world of difference. Sometimes the biggest difference is seen in the older kids. The changes don’t always happen over night, but the change can be rather dramatic! Have you looked at the older kids on the CWA site? Pray for these kids. If you can not adopt one of them maybe you can help raise money to offer as a scholarship towards an adoption. Often there are families willing to adopt and money is standing in the way. What a shame! We all take for granted so much they can only dream of. The chief thing is a family...a home where they belong.