Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home study

Every adoption needs a home study. If you are thinking about adopting then here is a home study work sheet. It gives you a general idea of the kind of questions you'll need to answer, and the paperwork you will need to have. Some people get their papers together before they find an agency, others find the agency first. All adoptions (domestic and International) require a home study. Our first home study required 30 pages of questions answered before we met the social worker. Then we spent hours (5 hours if I remember) talking with the social worker. He asked us all sorts of questions based on our questionnaire. Then he looked at our house. I spent days cleaning before he came! I think everyone does that! My social worker just wanted to be sure it was a safe and welcoming place for a child. Unfortunately I've heard some social workers are picky. You need to ask around to find a social worker to do your study. Some agencies require that you use their people. A home study can be pretty expensive. Ours cost $1,200 but that was 7 years ago. We only needed updates for Thomas and Sarah's adoptions. Do not be surprised to pay $2000 for a home study.