Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a face from the past

Just a little over two years ago our family (minus Sarah who was still in China) went to Thailand. We went there to help teach Thomas to be proud of where he came from. Before we went to Thailand our Thomas wanted to color his hair blond and would cry when we ordered Thai food. We had our papers in to adopt Sarah. I think all the talk about adoption reminded him of his time in an orphanage. He wanted to block Thailand out of his mind. We made him face his fears. It was a great trip! Part of the trip was visiting the orphanage in Bangkok. This was home to Thomas and Philip. While we were there we visited with many of the kids. We brought toys and candy. One special little boy grabbed hold of Juergen and did not want to let go. He cried uncontrollably when we finally left. Today I saw this same boy, now almost 5years old on a waiting list. He needs a family. AAI just took a trip to Thailand to identify waiting kids available for adoption. They have many kids, mostly boys. If you want to order a video of their waiting kids , contact AAI after Thanksgiving. Thailand is a great country to adopt from. I realize the Government is being protested agents today, but generally the place is peaceful and stable. We have been there 3 times and I would go back in a New York minute. I love Thailand!!! AAI is also a great agency. Thailand is also much cheaper to adopt from then many other countries. It is an all around great choice. Happy Thanksgiving. Be blessed.