Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shop on line

Christmas is coming. I just bought gifts for Thomas, Philip and Jessica on line. We generally just give one big gift to each kid, and maybe a few small things. It is not the all day gift opening thing I've heard other people experience. For one thing, with 5 kids I just can not afford more. I also believe the kids can not handle more. If they get one very good gift they love it and appreciate it. If they get many things then nothing seems to have meaning. It's like eating yourself sick on Thanksgiving Day! Actually, we don't do that either. I usually make turkey soup and a pie. We have the taste of Thanksgiving with out the work! Our kids do have a Nintendo Wii, so I'll also get them a new game to share. When I visited the shopping mall in San Diego this summer I could not believe the crowds...and that was just summer. I would personally hate going to a mall during the Christmas season! I'm very happy to pay for shipping instead of parking and the this and that I thought I needed (or wanted). Anyway, if you want to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping now would be a good time to shop on line. If you are quick, you might actually enjoy Christmas this year!!!

The Advent Conspiracy is an idea of spending less money on gifts for your self and spending better time with the people you love. Then taking some of the extra money you saved and giving it to the needy both home and abroad. It's a win win idea. Enjoy Christmas! Buy less and give more of your time and money to the needy!