Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Star Wars cards

I had a talk with Sarah's teacher yesterday. She understands basically everything but still doesn’t want to talk. I decided to work with her 20 minutes per day. I use the theme of the week at school. This week it's colors. So every day we are saying colors. If she works with me 20 minutes she gets a Star Wars trading card. He brothers collect them, and she wants to collect them too! I buy them on eBay by the hundreds. I have a huge box and the kids get to pick a card for a reward. Sarah will get a trading card collector book for Christmas. She is so excited she can not sleep! I have Philip and Thomas both reading everyday for cards too. I think Philip is dyslexic. We will be taking him to another clinic for an evaluation. It may take until March to get an appointment. The Doctors said we would hear from them by the end of the week. He mixes his p's and q's, d's and b's around. He has the hardest time with reading. I know he will never grow up to be a University professor but maybe he can be a plumber? He is a hard worker. I just need to help him get through school. Hopefully he can at least read and do basic math. He is a great kid but he has some real learning problems.