Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's the small stuff

A few weeks ago I got the letter that says to check your kids head for lice. I checked Sarah's head but found nothing (not that I really knew what to look for). Nicole's head started to itch so I checked her. I saw small bites and white stuff that I thought was dry skin. I figured (wrong) that these where spider bites. I was looking for brown little bugs and found none. Anyway, my head started to itch. Juergen checked my head (after educating himself on what to look for) and said that yes I had lice. Just great!!! I wanted to try a natural method to get rid of the little beasts. Nicole and I poured olive oil into our hair and covered our heads with shower caps. We slept over night with oily heads. this morning we washed the oil out with a shampoo that has tea tree oil (actually it's a dog shampoo)and rinsed our heads with vinegar. Sarah, Jessica, and Juergen all also have lice. Our natural method just won't work with Jessica and Sarah. Juergen went to the doctor to get a prescription for the medicated shampoo that kills lice. Philip and Thomas never brush their hair. I'm sure that's how they escaped this fate. It also seems lice prefer clean perhaps this also has something to do with the boys bug free heads? Now I have to boil all the hair brushes and wash all the cloths and blankets and sheets. We are talking about a mountain of cloths. Ho Ho Ho!!!
BTW: more important then a special shampoo or what you put in your hair is a special comb (like a flee comb) that helps you brush out the eggs of the lice. I thought I had a clean head until I started to brush it with the special comb. They say the shampoo only gets rid of 30% of the problem, the comb gets rid of the other 70%.