Friday, December 12, 2008

Who will buy this wonderful feeling

This video is from the play Oliver. I bought the 2 DVD set of the musicals “Oliver" and "Anne". I wondered how the kids would react to seeing orphans in really bad orphanages. It's funny, but Sarah was singing and dancing to Anne. She wanted to watch it twice. Now Philip and Thomas are glued to Oliver. The boys didn't want to watch Anne, and Sarah doesn't want to watch Oliver. Sarah loves the dances. She is dancing along. It's too cute! And Thomas (who doesn't watch TV) is totally into Oliver. I'm grateful my kids didn't come from such dark orphanages. I would love to think that was just then, but I know there are some pretty awful orphanages even today. I love this song, "who will buy". Sometimes I just sit and watch my kids...and I get that feeling of wanting to freeze time.