Friday, December 19, 2008

Your not raising grass you're raising kids(up date)

I bought Thomas, Nicole and Philip new winter jackets this week. Thomas took his off on the playground at school and forgot it. I get so frustrated with him. He has ADHD and this is so typical of him. He does his homework, and forgets to pack it in his school bag. He loses his shoes, coats, gloves. Today is the last day of school before Christmas vacation. I want the vacation to be positive so I pray he finds his coat. I'm just going to have to go buy another coat if he doesn't find it. It was such a nice jacket!!! I'm not raising grass, I'm raising kids. Sometimes my kids frustrate me sooooo much!!!!! God needs to remind me that I can destroy them with the roll of my eyes and the anger in my voice. Thomas, because of his ADHD does stuff like this often. Pray for me friends! A lost jacket is nothing compared to a lost boy. I want to build my kids up during this vacation. I need a theme song!!! Maybe you need it too?

UP DATE- He didn't find his coat. I pray that someone who really needed it found it. In the mean time I ate a big piece of cake. Maybe that is why fat people are "jolly", they eat cake when their kids lose new coats!