Wednesday, January 21, 2009

36 years ago tomorrow

Abortion was made legal in the USA 36 years ago tomorrow. Since then as many as 50 million babies lost their most basic right...the right to live. HERE is a wish list given to our new President by 60 pro abortion organizations. It is the desire of this administration to remove all restrictions on what they call reproductive choice. The wish does not just include funding for US abortions, but funding for UN abortions. So America will give money to the UN. The UN will give that money to China, and China will force it's women to abort its babies to control the population. Why figure out how to feed the worlds growing population? Abortion is so much easier. After all, we need our corn to feed our cars! As you can tell I am worried. I think I cry every January because abortion still continues to be acceptable in America. I adopt because I believe all life has value. I guess the question I have for you is why do we just accept this? If the Freedom of Choice Act passes, they expect abortion to increase by at least 125,000 per year. That is just the tip of the ice berg. How can we be so quite?