Friday, January 23, 2009

I am pro adoption because I was first pro life

As many of you know, I was pro life in College. When I was a student at the University I would give speeches on the right to life. And it was during this time I decided as mother Teresa said, "If you do do not want your babies, give them to me". All life has value. everyone of us is a special gift from God. Each one of is worth fighting for. Our new President does not share my beliefs. He will expand abortion in America. But many people stand on the side of life. He can not pass the Freedom of choice Act alone. Now is the time to write you Congress person, and Senators'. Do not wait until it is too late. Tell them no to taking away the parental consent laws, say no to federally funded abortion, say no to UN funded abortion! Do not just sit there and think you have no power. Now is the time to shout no! No way! No How! We will not allow more abortion..the increase of abortion. Now is the time to turn the page, now is the time to choose to love the unborn and not continue to kill it! HERE is an article from CNN about the pro life March yesterday (The 36TH Anniversary of Roe-v-Wade). Obama said again he will try to pass the Freedom of choice act. There are creative ideas to lower abortion, for example...
Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, told the crowd she plans to introduce what she calls the "Juno Bill," referencing the hit 2008 film of the same title in which a high school teenager gives her baby up for adoption.

"It will provide a tax credit to those women, just as we allow abortions to be tax deductible, it will provide a tax credit so that they can carry out their pregnancy, give that baby to a loving arm and not have to worry about the consequences or the costs involved," she said.

You can not be just pro life people, you need to be pro adoption. And if we ask women to give birth to children they know they can not raise, we need to step up to adopt those children.

HERE is how to Write Your Representative and HERE is your Senators. Do it today!