Monday, February 9, 2009

Camp Ox

Camp Ox is a camp for special needs kids in China. These kids are considered "hard to place". Many of them are older. Many have already had their needs corrected. You can now follow the camp Ox blog and get to know some of these kids better. Perhaps it will take some of the fear away about adopting an older child. I live in Germany, and I'm no longer allowed to adopt from China because of the Hague. I have adopted an older child (Thomas from Thailand). I'm not going to pretend it was all that easy. He is ADHD and we had some trouble with him until he was diagnosed and treated. Last year he was getting D's and even F's on his report card. We were taking him to counseling. It was hard. Now that his ADHD is being treated he has totally turned things around. He brought home a report card with B's and C's even one A in English. He still struggles a little with self worth. It was hard to wait for 7 years wondering why all the beautiful babies got parents, and he got left with none. It's so hard for a kid not to think there must be something ´wrong with me or I would have been chosen. They almost give up hope. Camp Ox may be the last hope some of these beautiful kids have to find a family. Please follow the blog, and pray for these kids.