Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hosts of Hope


DOB: January 28, 1995
Katerina is a healthy girl who will be participating in the summer 2009 Hosts of Hope program.

If you are interested in hosting this child or if you would like general information about the Hosts of Hope program, please call Larissa Koedyker, Hosts of Hope program coordinator, at 616.667.0921.

Host families needed for children from Ukraine and Russia!

Give hope to an older, orphaned child by becoming a host parent. Families are currently needed for our June 2009 Ukraine program and July 2009 Russia program. Through the Hosts of Hope program, families can not only provide a family atmosphere during the child's 10-day stay, but also help to increase awareness of the need for adoptive families for older children. Many of the children in host programs end up being adopted by their host family or friends of the host family. It's such a cool way to find out if adoption could be right for you.