Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sick girls

The weather is stormy. Jessica, Nicole and Sarah are all home and sick. Sarah has a fever and headache. I just gave her something. Hopefully she can sleep. There seems to be a flu epidemic. I've heard from Thomas half his class is missing. I'm surprised they can find the teachers to keep the schools open. I’m not feeling great myself, but so far I'm not too bad. We were suppose to get snow, but instead we are getting a cold rain and strong wind. I can imagine the fear people use to live with (and some still do) when an epidemic of small poxes hit. I think of the brave parents who rushed to China to get their children before everything shut down because of SARS. May God keep us all safe and healthy. God bring peace and rest to my 3 beautiful girls.

In 1918, while World War I raged, 675,000 Americans died of the flu; estimates of the worldwide death toll now range from 50 million to 100 million.