Tuesday, February 3, 2009

They never said it would be easy

At the beginning of the year Juergen and I took a close look at where our money was going. it soon became clear to us the kids actually cost allot to raise. Coming up with the thousands of dollars to adopt 3 kids was nothing compared to keeping these kids in shoes and cloths, paying for their lessons (drum lessons, swimming lessons, guitar lessons, and marshal arts). The older they get the more they cost. And our food bill is outrageous! So I decided I have got to do something about that outrageous food bill. I am trying to cut that bill in half. How do I do it? For one thing, I am shopping only 2 times a week. I use to shop almost daily. And if we had it, they would eat it. They did not want left overs. We wasted too much food. Now I put on the limits. For example the kids only drink water. Today as a treat I bought one small bottle of soda each. But only one bottle. If we had soda, they would only drink soda. That isn't healthy, and it's expensive. I am trying to cook less meat, and I am also cooking whole foods (no instant stuff). Rice, beans, soups, and potatoes and vegetables. The kids are not 100% pleased with my plan. I guess they will get use to it in time. Thomas especially hates vegetables. He lived in an orphanage until he was 7 years old. He only ate rice and chicken. Often people would visit the children’s home and he would get candy. I'm not sure he even saw a vegetable until he was adopted. He use to sit in his chair and cry because his very mean and cruel mother (me) would not give him his desert until he first ate his salad. He still does not like most vegetables but he will at least eat them without tears. I could use your good family recipes. The low cost, healthy, everyday kind of food. You can post those recipes on my food blog Hungry for love cookbook. I'm a little proud of myself because I actually managed to spend 50% less on food in January. If I keep this up maybe I will have the money to bring one more child home. Even if we never adopt again, we will be a healthier family.